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Error plus Variety in ONE Dime !

Here’s a dime that is not just a error, but also includes a variety as well, graded by one of the three...

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1935 S/S RPM-1 Case Study

The 1935 S/S RPM varieties is not an easy task to detected, its difficult to distinguish the tiny serif tail of...

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25 Silver Mercury Dimes Lot

Up for sale are small lots of 25 Mercury Dimes for the collectors/investors, the years are mostly in the...

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1941 S large S variety Die 2

The large S trumpet tail style variety can be found in the lower grade with some searching, but AU-MS grade is...

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1943 S RPM-1

Three repunched Large S mintmarks are recorded, this one being showcase for sale here are the RPM-1 variety. EF...

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1942/41 D found in APMEX dime bag

NGC has conservatively certified with a  graded of Fine-15, sale price has been discounted to reflect market...

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