One (1) ounce gold bullion scale review Part 1

My gold kit tester arrived from Coin Community Forum 12/10/12, it is a fairly well constructed single piece shaped with various indentation along the edges, on the face side are the weight scale that has the disc shape for the American Gold Eagle and South African Krugerrand, and at the reverse side is the other popular Canadian Gold Maple, American Gold Buffalo, Austria Philharmonic, Austrialia Kangaroo and China Gold Panda.

1 Oz. American Gold Eagle

The 1 oz. gold testing kit is easy to used and small enough to carry in pocket, genuine gold coin will tip the scale down while counterfeit gold plated that don’t have the proper weight will not cause the scale to tip downward.

The other 2 tests for the thickness and width are a good start to check the dimension for a specific coinage, I notice that while measuring the gold eagle, it slide off easily when I tried the width test, and the Krugerrand coin should have the same diameter as the gold eagle, the gold eagle snuggle right in, so it would not slide off! But the gold eagle width test shows me that it slide off real easy.

I was able to tested the Gold American Buffalo and the Chinese Panda for now, the American Buffalo again has a looseness while checking against the thickness, perhaps to prevent scratching the surface? While I am impress with the design and convenience of such device, it would be very easy for counterfeiter to mimic their own bullion testing scale. To throw things off balance, so to make a fake bullion that will tip over, and changing the thickness measuring tool can also be done easily.

1 oz. Gold American Eagle thickness check.

1 oz Gold American Eagle Width Test to scale

The width of the American Eagle seem to slid off easily from the scale. I have to hold it to prevent sliding off.

Overall the one ounce gold coin scale is effective to check genuine bullion coins and efficient to take it with you if you’re in the market to buy 1 ounce gold bullion anywhere, lighter than a electronic scale, and doesn’t use batteries, if can also produce similar scale for other fractional gold coins, its a good buy and can save investors/speculators hundreds or thousands dollar costly mistake.
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