About dimeguru

I have devoted myself to study and collecting the Mercury Dimes series for the past decade, from the beginning mistakes were made like most novices, either mishandling coins by not holding it at the edge, or why not to clean your coins, which is a price I pay for not reading enough numismatic publications, the internet haven’t the same informed resources as today, when I found my first error Mercury dime among my hoards, needless to say I was hooked. This opened up a whole new collecting category which I delve deeper, further than I anticipated, at first visiting error coin sites like conecaonline.org and checking out the inventories of varieties expert Fred Weinberg got me more into studying error and varieties. I then joined the Collector Society (NGC) further educated my understanding the important of third parties grading practices. I also regularly visit my local coin shows to hunt for bargain varieties and errors, hoping to attend larger shows across the countries in near future.

At present time, I’m still passionate as the day I began collecting coins, always excited when reading about a new find or seeing some off metal coins, broad-strike dime, and or a off-center Mercury dime, plus any newly discoveries that I dream of finding myself. I hope to shared among fellow Mercury dimes collectors the coins I brought here in these pages as a part of knowledge database. I also sell here as well, please contact me via email if one maybe of interest to you which you may want to add it to your collection.

CCF Forum

A few years back, I stumble across a family type coin forum that’s worthy mentioning here, coincommunity.com helped me and among other members further educate ones numismatic knowledge, making well aware there are numerous fake coins and recommended dealers on the internet, auction site like eBay in particular has many cleaned or altered coins to watch out for, thereby lessen the chances of buying some bad ones, having fellow collectors that shared interest and ideas to help all across the numismatic world, each member having their own expertise. I would suggest fellow members donating to CCF site to help offset operating cost, membership is free! Buy, sell, or trade among fellow members, read the rules from the community pages before joining.

If you have comments or questions that you like to shared here, especially on Mercury dimes series, please use the contact page, or if you would like to showcase an error Mercury dime or happen to make a new important discovery. I’d be glad to post it for you. Credit given to owner of course.

Buy, Sell or Trade available here also.

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