The 2016 Centennial Set – Dime Outcome?

Product Information

2016 Centennial Gold Winged Liberty Dime Obverse

2016 Centennial Gold Winged Liberty Dime Obverse with noticeable scratch along cheek area.

With approximately 9,000 gold Mercury dimes in the US Mint inventory either unsold or returned from dealers or collectors, one would wonder what may become of it in the long term. The original pricing for it was $205 (based on current gold spot price plus mark up by The Mint) and $4.95 shipping, it was quickly snatched up by many dealers and speculators thinking that the price would go up on secondary market, sales on eBay soon pretty much filled many pages, with buyers flocking into buying high prices based on similar speculation, however, prices soon dropped  as more of it became available when The Mint begin full filling buyers demand.

Collectors can buy third party graded in MS-70 for around $265-$275 on eBay with free shipping.

Presently; the Mint can offer these unsold and returned coins in future sales, normally these returned coins do have some form of imperfections, and collectors will not accept it by any means, unless it is sold discounted to date gold spot prices, although the chance is slim to none, gold currently are in the bull market phase as some analysis predicts, so the Mint can have some time to resolve this issue, or they can possibly come out as a set of all 3 coins later on at year end?

The Mint will continue along with the next release of the centennial Gold Standing Liberty Quarter, this time around, the maximum mintage is set at 100,000 verse the gold Winged Liberty dime at 125,000. And household limit to 1 order per address, given much need opportunity for the individual collector to acquire it for their collection.

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