1938-D RPM-001 with impressive toning

Product Information

The last time I made a new posting was sometime in Spring of 2015, afterwards there were articles of major new discoveries like the 1919 DDO that most Mercury dimes variety collectors been unaware of, this dime had lured away and missed by many collectors for nearly one hundred years. Also, a DDO 1926 first reported by ANACS, while is not in the same league as the 1919 DDO. I think collectors should still look out for this one, as well as other ones still waiting for it to uncover.

Today showcase is the only RPM listed so far from Variety Vista, I have purchased it a short while back when I started my hunt after a long hiatus from this series, it is a very strong RPM with impressive toning on both side. I am glad to found it with such condition, and hope to continue to showcase additional findings here.



Closed up of the repunched Denver mint mark.

Closed up of the repunched Denver mint mark.

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