1945 S Mint Mark varieities

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I have received emails in regards to a 1945 S inverted mint mark variety from visitors through this website, questions about the rarity and approximate value. eBay also regularly send me daily email updates to error varieties to Mercury dimes that of interests, newly discovered 1945 S inverted S dime not listed in the Cherrypickers’ Guide but is currently listed in Dr. Wexler webpage, or a rare 1945 S Trumpet Tail variety. The collectors’ browse the eBay listing with interest, awe to the astronomical BIN (Buy-It_Now) price what the seller had asked for, by then I received more questions from potential buyers about the true nature of this new discovery, instead of answering individually. I decided to post my answer here:

There are two newly discovered inverted S varieties, I have originally thought that it was a knob tail style and that it was due to worn punch giving the illusion that the S appeared inverted, it is a error that collector should take a second look at their 45-S dimes, please visit VarietyVista for all the S mint marks images and various styles strike date listing, it roundup which S year is the rare one and which is the common ones. Hopefully; the readers will have better understanding of the difference S mint marks after seeing it, and to the potential seller whom eventually read this post, will correct the error before selling. As to the value, grades below Extra fine is worth about 2-3 times silver melt value, collectors can find out values above it in the guide “The Authoritative Reference on Mercury Dimes by John A Wexler and Kevin Flynn”.

There is also the Trumpet Tail S variety in 1945, it is rare consider the amount strike, but the quantities is readily available and not difficult to find, again not worth the prices what eBay sellers asked for, with patient one can locate it in a short time. The exception is the 1943 S Trumpet Tail, approximately 1/10% of 1% is believe to have been strike, and the ultra rare 1945 S over horizontal S dime, which readers can do a search on this site for the article. Recommended reading The Complete Guide To Mercury Dimes by David W. Lange.

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