1935 S/S RPM-1 Case Study

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The 1935 S/S RPM varieties is not an easy task to detected, its difficult to distinguish the tiny serif tail of the lower part of the second ‘S’ mint mark, one would need a good 7-10x magnifying glass or a jewelery loupe to see the definite second marks.

The fact that 1935 S dime came out from a long hiatus since the last year minted was in 1931, the San Francisco Mint was producing coins that have high percentage with full band, but technically most are flat split band verse full round split band, there are also 2 re-punch mint marks  known for this year, with another reverse variety featuring a prominent cud in the ten o’clock position, one fact that no known publishing articles or books mention about additional signs or markers to detect ones with RPM, or pictures of the second RPM variety. The authors of The Cherry Pickers guide only listed RPM-001 in the last edition, possibly the RPM-002 are not as popular with collectors, I have notice with the three 1935-S/S RPM I had in my collection, there are similar tread like circular die fatigue most prominently in the TATE OF AM in State of America.

I have been searching dealers tables for the 1935 S/S variety for a long period of time, most recently at the 2012 ANA World Money Fair, checked through dealers that carry inventory of Mercury dimes, few actually have enough supplies worth adding to the serious Mercury dimes collectors, issues are there were many either cleaned or improperly dipped.

1935 S/S RPM-001 Obverse

eBay was again my next search criteria for these elusive varieties, but some sellers pictures are too small to show details or are retouched to hid flaws. Then there are times I noticed the images are overly contrasted which help to determine the coin in auction are in fact actually the one I been searching for. This one pictured in the insert section above is in mid early die stage, it has seen circulation and was clean or dipped from the past, remnant of what appears to be olive oil hasn’t flush off completely on the obverse of Lady Liberty.

Coin was purchased in 8/28/2012


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