1941 S large S variety Die 2

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A large S variety. Die stage 2.

Product Information

Order 1941 S large S AU @ $55.00

The large S trumpet tail style variety can be found in the lower grade with some searching, but AU-MS grade is becoming harder to locate. There is also a small S variety that few true Winged Liberty Head dime specialists known that existed, as popularity for the Large S over shadow the small S variety, the size of the small S is the same size as the micro S variety for the 1945. As of today, I have seen one label small S Mercury dime grade by ANACS sold on eBay 1-2 years ago.

Including the normal issue, quantity Minted 43,090,000. Weight 2.5 grams; composition:.9oo silver and .100 copper. Net weight: .07234 pure silver.


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