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Site maintenance in progress

After a long hiatus, I will be updating this site s time permits, until further notice, new users will not be...

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The 2016 Centennial Set – Dime Outcome?

With approximately 9,000 gold Mercury dimes in the US Mint inventory either unsold or returned from dealers or...

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1945 S Mint Mark varieities

I have received emails in regards to a 1945 S inverted mint mark variety from visitors through this website,...

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50 Silver Mercury Dimes

Up for sale are small lots of 50 Mercury Dimes for the collectors/investors, the years are mostly in the...

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YouTube video on 1943 S “Trumpet Tail” by JM

I received a email from JM with his finding of this elusive mint mark variety, and a video he made recently...

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1925 P Pre-strike delamination with a different Reeding

A coin missing partial metal alloy does happen so often during production, and the larger the missing piece the...

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